Saturday, 30 April 2011


Aquinas a dualist believes that the world is metaphysical which he believes there is 'stuff' beyond the physical world such as a soul. He uses religious philosophy as a way to explain his views on the mind body problem which are later on used by religious people such as the Official Catholic Church Doctrine. Aquinas says that the body is shaped and controlled by the soul and the body makes one substance with the soul and the soul shapes and animates the body. He says that the mind is the form of the body such as the shape and power which is like the battery of the body. Dualists find it difficult to say how the mind and body interact but Aquinas suggests that the mind and body are joined although the soul animates our body but as it is wrapped in one substance with the body it means that the mind cannot exist without the body. Our self dies with our body as memories stay with body. Although when the body is resurrected the soul is reunited with it as well as our memories. This means that the mind does not exist separately from the body.

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